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August 2018

We couldn´t be happier to announce fantastic A Level results this summer with students achieving an overall pass rate of 94%.  This astounding result has surpassed all our expectations and has smashed last year´s records.  Many of the students here achieve these results against all the odds.  Our school accepts pupils of all abilities and nationalities, some of whom have failed in other schools, have special educational needs or speak English as a second or third language.  This makes the results even more of a special achievement and we would like to let each and every one of our students know how proud we are of them.  We also wish to extend our August 2018 gratitude and appreciation to our professional and dedicated teaching team, without whom none of this would be possible.  Another great start to the academic year.  Thank you to everybody who made this possible and keep up the excellent work.

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A Level Results
94% Overall Pass Rate - August 2018