School Rewards and Positive Behaviour Policy (Secondary)


Phoenix International School has high expectations of both behaviour and learning with regard to all of its students.  The school favours reinforcing positive behaviour through a structured system of reward and praise in order to promote its expectations but also acts swiftly and consistently to introduce sanctions when this is warranted to ensure a safe learning environment and that students´ learning is not disrupted.  

In a positive and stable learning environment, students feel they are genuinely praised and rewarded for their efforts and achievements, either academic, sporting, social or otherwise.  Equally, they are not afraid to show off their talents, risk getting things wrong or try new concepts and ideas.  Students are also encouraged to give thanks and praise to each other.  

Communication is key in all such matters and parents will be contacted as appropriate when a child is singled out for praise and for any infringement which requires a sanction.  The school recognises the importance of a consistent approach and it is therefore expected that we will have the support of parents when implementing this policy.

All incidents of inappropriate behaviour that appear to breach any of our school rules, will be fully investigated and documented.

All individual sanctions and any rewards or achievements are kept on record.



This is always effective, more so when it is genuine praise.  Staff will know by experience how public praise should be for each pupil.

  • Spoken praise
  • Written praise
  • Certificates


These must be consistently awarded by staff for:

  • Exceptional work/effort/participation
  • Increased/sustained effort in work/homework
  • Random acts of kindness/going above and beyond
  • Representing the school in their own time

Reward points will be returned to the Reward Co-ordinator on a half term basis and will contribute to the overall reward point total.  A special assembly will be held each half term when certificates will be awarded for the most reward points thus contributing to the end of term prize and ultimately to the academic year reward.


These are an extremely effective form of reward and much valued by students.  These can be sent for a number of reasons;

  • Improved effort
  • Progress in a particular subject or subjects
  • Attitude in class or helpfulness
  • Improved attendance or punctuality
  • Exceptional work



  • Achievement in sport – 4 students to be chosen by the PE teacher
  • Student of the year – one primary/ one secondary, to be chosen by teachers and Head of School


  • Most reward points per term – 1 student per year group

Other recognised awards

  • Sports day certificates and trophies
  • Head of School certificates
  • Above and beyond awards


Sanctions are detailed in the attached document and will be escalated as necessary should levels of behaviour not improve.


Sanctions for level 1 infringements to this policy can include:

Letter or email home; telephone call to parents; student meeting/warning

If any of the expectations below are not met this will result in a level one sanction:-

  1. We expect students to be on time for registration at 08.45 a.m.
  2. We expect students to attend school every day unless sick with a doctor´s note.  
  3. We expect students to wear the correct school uniform and adhere to the dress code.  

A uniform list is provided to parents at the start of each academic year.  Failure to comply with the uniform policy will result in detention.

  1. We expect students to bring the correct equipment and books to all lessons.
  2. We expect students to respect the school environment and all school property and to place all litter in the bins provided.
  3. We expect students to only use school ICT equipment as part of a supervised lesson or with express permission from a teacher.  (Persistent use will result in a Level 2 sanction)
  4. Mobile phones are allowed in school, as long as they are switched off and in bags.  They will be confiscated until the end of the day if they are seen in use and must be collected by a parent or guardian.
  5. We expect students to follow instructions from a member of staff.  Students may not challenge requests/instructions from a member of staff.(Please note any confrontational behaviour towards staff will result in a Level 2 sanction).

Please note that repeated infringements will move a level 1 sanction to a level 2 sanction.


Sanctions for level 2 infringements to this policy can include:

Parent meeting; detention; missing part or all of break; internal report for +/- 5 days; internal suspension +/- 3 days.

If any of the expectations below are not met this will result in a level 2 sanction:-

  1. We expect students to complete all homework tasks on time.  If your child is unable to complete the homework, please send in a note.  Persistent failure to complete homework tasks will result in a parental meeting.
  2. We expect students to respect school ICT equipment and not to damage, break or change any settings on the school computers.  The computers may only be used for school work and never for personal use of any kind.
  3. We expect students to behave appropriately whilst in and around the school premises.  Students MAY NOT show inappropriate affection in front of other students, staff, parents or visitors to the school.
  4. Any other behaviour or attitude that the school deems as inappropriate will also receive a sanction.
  5. We expect students not to disrupt lessons or prevent other students from working.  
  6. We expect students to be present in all classes and assemblies.  Express permission must be sought from a teacher to be absent.  This includes college students.  Students who have to leave the school for a legitimate reason such as a medical appointment must be signed out by a parent or guardian.
  7. We expect students to use polite and appropriate language at all times.  Swearing and inappropriate language used between peers will not be tolerated.  (Please note that swearing directly at a teacher or peers carries a level 3 sanction.)

If a student has been on internal suspension they will be placed on report for 5 days following completion of suspension period.  

Please note that suspension linked to behaviour infringements may result in a student not being allowed to attend a school trip in the same term.  If the trip has already been paid for, no refund of fees can be made.

Repeated infringements may move a level 2 sanction to a level 3 sanction.


If any of the expectations below are not met this will result in a level 3 sanction:-

Sanctions for level 3 infringements to this policy include the following:

Meeting with parents and Head of School; internal report for +/- 5 days; internal suspension +/- 5 days; external suspension; exclusion.

If students disrespect the rules below this will result in a level 3 sanction:-

  1. We expect students to solve their problems in a polite and non-violent manner.  Violent behaviour towards any member of staff or student will not be tolerated at any time.
  2. Theft or deliberate vandalism of school property or property belonging to another student is not acceptable.
  3. Harassment; prejudicial, racist, sexist and homophobic comments will not be tolerated.
  4. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and this includes bullying on social media.  I some cases, this may include misconduct out of school hours which could impact the student within school time).
  5. Swearing or using abusive language directly to a teacher or a peer will not be tolerated.  
  6. Students may not bring alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or weapons into school.  Students should not be under the influence of any substances.
  7. Leaving the school premises without permission is classed as absconding and is a serious offence.
  8. Any behaviour in which the law has been broken will be referred to the police.

If a student has been on internal or external suspension they will be placed on report for 5 days following completion of suspension period.


Bullying is behaviour of an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another group or individual either physically or emotionally.  Bullying can take many different forms but NO form of bullying will ever be tolerated.  Whilst bullying outside of school does not fall under our jurisdiction, where it disrupts a student´s learning or mental health, the school will intervene and act in accordance with this discipline policy.  This includes incidents on social media and other online platforms.

Any queries with regard to the School Rewards and Positive Behaviour Policy please do not hesitate to contact the Office.