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“My time at Phoenix International School has been one of many memories, many obstacles overcome and many challenges faced. The teachers are so encouraging, enthusiastic and determined to help you achieve your highest potential; some even going as far as holding revision classes after school, during the lunch break and even during the holidays.
In my opinion, one of the greatest benefits to studying at Phoenix International is the ratio between students and staff. This enables you to form strong relationships with your teachers, as well as allowing teachers to assess you on an individual basis and help you with whatever it is you are struggling with.
I´ve spent the last ten years studying at Phoenix International. I am now being considered as an Oxbridge candidate and have an average iGCSE grade of A*. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow in such a tight-knit community, full of people with all kinds of aspirations and different backgrounds. This school doesn´t just focus on grades but on self-improvement and continuous development ensuring that all its students achieve everything they set out to.”

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A Level Results
94% Overall Pass Rate - August 2018