College Fees

Registration Fee (Non refundable)€100
IGCSE Exam Fees per subject (IGCSE) per unit (A Level)€120
Exam Fees for Private Candidates (Per subject IGCSE, Per Unit A Level)€150
A Levels - 1 Subject€200€2000
A Levels - 2 Subjects€300€3000
A Levels - 3 Subjects€350€3500
A Levels - 4 Subjects€400€4000
A Levels - 5 Subjects€450€4500
IGCSEs - 3 subjects€200€2000
IGCSEs each additional subject€50€500

Please note that annual fees are divided into ten equal instalments to allow families to budget over the academic year.  Fees are therefore payable for all ten months of the year with no exceptions.  This is regardless of any periods of study leave, school holidays, events or examinations granted to students during this time.