Phoenix International School

School Fees

Class Annual Fees Paid Monthly (Over 10 Months) Deposit Registration
Pre School / Reception €5200 €520 €575 €500

Terms and Conditions

• A non-refundable registration fee is payable per family at the time of completing your child´s application form.

• A deposit of €575 must be paid upon enrolment.

• This deposit will then be used should you default on payment at any time.

• Payment is due at the latest by the 5th of each month, after the 5th day there will be 5% added to the school fees.

• Non-payment of fees by the 12th of each month will result in your child being excluded from school until payment is made.

• If anyone has a problem with payment dates, please arrange an appointment with the office.

• Sibling discount – For families with two or more children we offer a discount of 10% on the monthly school fees.

• Any default on the terms and conditions listed will result in the sibling discount being withdrawn permanently.

• One month´s notice must be given in writing if your child is leaving the school.

• In the event we owe you fees from the balance of your deposit, these will be paid to you at the end of the notice period.

• In the event that you owe school fees, we will provide you with an invoice to be paid in full on or before the end of the notice period.

• Students in Secondary MUST purchase all required text books and items listed on the school pencil case list.

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A Level Results
94% Overall Pass Rate - August 2018