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Our mission statement

Phoenix International School aims to inspire all of its students to achieve their fullest potential regardless of age or ability. To challenge creative minds, encourage and nurture talents through values of compassion, endurance, forgiveness, trust and wisdom and to leave the school as responsible, confident and well-rounded citizens. The whole school community is encouraged to follow their dreams so that everyone succeeds and every day is a step to success.


Welcome to Phoenix International School and College of Further Education. We take pride in our commitment to equality and diversity, supporting students of all abilities from all backgrounds. Whether you have been studying abroad or in Spain, working or taking a break, we have the course for you. We provide a flexible and varied portfolio of courses taught in the English language which are recognised both in the UK and Spain and the wider World enabling you to maximise your future opportunities and achieve your learning goals. You will benefit from second to none support giving you all the tools needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Meet the team

We are extremely privileged at Phoenix International School to have a fully qualified and dedicated staff team working with students to support them every step of the way. The college has a warm, family feel thanks largely to the positive and caring attitude of the entire staff team. Teaching staff are strongly encouraged to keep abreast of developments within their field and to follow their own programme of personal development to ensure they are fully equipped to teach the latest tools and techniques in their specialist subjects.

College Life

Enrolling on a college course is not just about achieving learning goals. It is also about meeting people with similar interests and drive as you, making friends and boosting your social life. Just by coming to college, you will automatically be part of something bigger. Drawing on the experiences of fellow students and supporting and motivating each other can be the best way to optimise results and you might just benefit from making lasting friends in the process.

Applying for a place at Phoenix International School and College

Students can choose from a range of International GCSEs and A Levels according to their abilities and aspirations. Regardless of the subjects chosen, students need to be able to commit to two full academic years of study to maximise their chances of success. We would ask that all parents supply relevant up to date school reports so that we can best meet the needs of students. If a student has a special educational need please be open and honest about this. It will not stop them attending the school; it just means we can give them the help they need more quickly. Simply complete the application form found at the back of this pack and return it to us with a copy of your Passport t get the ball rolling.

Attendance at College

Good attendance at college is essential if students are to reach their full potential. We expect parents and students to work with the school to ensure full attendance. We also request that we receive a telephone call if a student is ill on the first day of absence and, at this age, we do expect students to catch up with any work missed during their absence. We recommend that holidays are arranged in school holiday times, to have the smallest possible impact on students’ education. We take a consistent approach to punctuality. We believe that punctuality is important and we want to stress this to all pupils. It is essential that students are in college at the beginning of their first lesson.


In College, we believe homework is an important extension to the students’ learning day and also an opportunity for students to develop their ability to work on their own, to carry out research or to extend themselves. Students should purchase an academic diary to record details of homework and self study. Parents or students who have concerns about homework, whether on an isolated occasion or a problem of a more general nature, should contact the class teacher to discuss their concerns in the first instance.

Catering Arrangements and Freetime

Students have full access, throughout the day, to a common room in the school restaurant. They can order from the restaurant menú, plug in their laptops and have full access to free wifi throughout the day either for social networking or studying. Students may also bring in food and drink from home and, bearing in mind that the climate can be hot and students sometimes participate in energetic activities during the college day, please ensure they have sufficient drinks to keep them well hydrated.

Equality In Diversity

Every student at Phoenix International School has equal value. Our policy of providing equality of opportunity whilst recognising the diversity of each student is based on the principle of respect for the individual. The school is an integrated whole, inclusive of the students with physical or sensory impairments, communication, learning, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. It addresses each person’s unique needs, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional or social.

The whole school community works together to create an atmosphere in which each member can grow and flourish regardless of race, class, colour, creed, sex, age or ability. We foster positive interpersonal relationships in a climate of high expectations and respect for individual achievement.

Our students experience a community of diversity in which we value and celebrate the unique contribution that each individual makes. The spoken or written language we use fosters a positive attitude to each person whatever their race, class, colour, creed, sex, age or ability. Our students have full and open access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to provide excellent resources and an appropriate environment to meet the needs of individual students.

Every area of our school life reflects this attention to individual needs and rights, as all our college policies are founded on these basic principles.

Shared Responsibilities

Each member of staff shares responsibilities for supporting students. The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students. Teachers play a central role in enhancing access and learning for the students and work closely with parents and students to set individual targets for monitoring and supporting them. The subject teacher has the responsibility to be aware of the learning needs of students, to differentiate materials appropriately, to assess students and set individual targets.

Students are encouraged to play a full and active role in decision-making. They have a right to be heard and are consulted about what provision may be made to meet their individual needs.

A final word

The school is extremely proud of its track record in high quality education and we positively encourage students to achieve to the best of their abilities providing equal opportunities for all whilst recognizing the diversity of each student. The school is an integrated whole. We aim to address each person’s unique needs: intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Please call us to make an appointment or drop in at any time.



A Levels and International GCSEs

Regarded as essential qualifications by most employers, A Levels and International GCSEs are the cornerstone of many jobs and professions. Not just for teenagers, International GCSEs and A Levels are available to anyone who would like to study a subject that interests them.

All our A Levels and International GCSEs are taught by qualified teachers who will help you to study at your own pace with step-by-step guidance. And when you feel confident with the basics, you can move on to more complex topics. Some subjects require you to complete coursework as you learn, with marks counting towards your final result. Others are assessed only by final exam.
A Levels

A Levels are recognised as the gold standard of the British education system and our abilities, even in later life, are still measured against them. This is partly because of the flexibility of the examination system, but also because A Level study requires a broader understanding of a subject. Phoenix International School is accredited by the Edexcel exam board (Pearson) giving students a wide curriculum choice. As a recognised exam centre you can sit your exams with us. You will find that being amongst other students will provide the motivation that you need to complete your course of study. Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions.
We offer A Levels in the following subjects

  • Business Studies
  • Law
  • English Language and Literature
  • Maths
  • Spanish
  • History


A Level Business Studies

This is a good all round A Level which is useful regardless of your career aspirations. This subject gives a broad understanding of all aspects of the business world.

  • Developing new business ideas
  • Managing the business
  • Business economics
  • International business
  • Making business decisions
  • The wider economic environment and business

A Level Law

This is a perfect partner for business studies but is equally good to stand on its own and is ideal for those who feel they can sharpen their legal mind.  The course covers the following broad topics:

  • Sound understanding of the nature of law in society
  • Importance of legal institutions and their relationship to other institutions in society
  • Various branches of law and how they interconnect with each other
  • Sources of law – statutes and cases and how this is applied to the determination of disputes
  • Dealing with aspects of behavior within the law

A Level English Language and Literature

Students who opt for English Language and Literature will have a passion for reading and writing.  They will be given all the tools they require to analyse and critique the texts that they read.  There are also lots of opportunities to practise English language skills along the way.

Key Topics include:

  • Exploring voices in speech and writing
  • Creating texts
  • Varieties in language and literature
  • Presenting literature to the world

A Level Maths

Students who have a passion for figures and problem solving will enjoy the challenge of Maths A Level.  You will learn how to manipulate figures and work through logic problems.

Key Topics include:

  • Core Maths
  • Mechanics
  • Further Maths

A Level Spanish

As with any language course, an interest in Spanish culture, geography, history and literature will stand you in good stead.  The exams cover speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Key Topics include:

  • Media
  • Popular Culture
  • Family / Relationships
  • Healthy Living/Lifestyle

A Level History

For those who have a passion for the past and for improving the future.  The following broad topics are covered:

  • Developing an interest and enthusiasm for history
  • Building an understanding of the past
  • Developing the use of historical terms, concepts and skills
  • Making links and drawing comparisons from different periods and cultures
  • Making historical judgements based on evidence and facts

International GCSES

Having IGCSEs in Maths and English is a basic requirement of most employers and they are essential items for any CV.  Naturally, as we live in Spain, adding Spanish to this list is just as important.  If you have been in Spanish school and therefore not been able to sit any English qualifications you may find that obtaining some core GCSEs and possibly combining them with some BTECs will keep your career options open a little bit longer.  The courses are offered on a rolling programme so you can keep on learning until you feel confident to sit your exam.

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish

International GCSE English Language

The English Language exam is based on an anthology of texts which you will receive at the beginning of your course.   Your teacher will spend time helping you to analyse the way each extract has been written and the authors’ skills and writers craft.  You will also learn how to  maximise your writing skills in both fact and fiction and improve your grammar and spelling in the process.

Key Topics include:

  • Analysis of fiction, fact and poetry
  • Creative writing, descriptive writing and factual writing
  • Listening and speaking with confidence
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation practice

International GCSE Maths

Maths is offered at foundation and higher level depending on your abilities.  Your teacher will demonstrate how to answer all of your questions on the exam paper and give you the skills and confidence  to achieve your full mathematical potential.   The key to a good mathematician is showing how you arrived at your answer in a logical sequence.

Key Topics include:

  • Using & applying Mathematics
  • Number & Algebra
  • Shape, space & measures
  • Handling data

International GCSE Spanish

Students are required to complete a short speaking exam to demonstrate their conversational use of the language.  There is also a listening exam of 30 minutes together with completing a reading and writing paper.  Even if you have been in Spanish school, you might need to brush up on your spelling and grammar so attendance at the clases is essential to help you obtain the best results possible.

Key Topics include:

  • My World
  • Holiday, time & travel
  • Work & lifestyle
  • The young person in society

These are just a taste of the subjects available at International GCSE level.  Most college students opt to do these three core subjects and add onto them to build up a tailored programme of study that suits their abilities and future career aspirations.  The following additional subjects are available at International GCSE.

  • Double award science
  • English Literature
  • Business Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Drama
  • Global Citizenship
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A Level Results
94% Overall Pass Rate - August 2018