Phoenix International School

Class Year Age Groups

Ages are at the start of the school year in September, however depending on ability or current year in existing school your child may be placed in a different year after consultation and agreement.

AgePhoenix / EnglishScottishRussianSpanishUSA
4-5ReceptionPrimary 1Детский садEd. InfantilPreschool
5-6Year 1Primary 2Детский садEd. InfantilKindergarten
6-7Year 2Primary 31 Класса1º Primaria1st Grade
7-8Year 3Primary 42 Класса2º Primaria2nd Grade
8-9Year 4Primary 53 Класса3º Primaria3rd Grade
9-10Year 5Primary 64 Класса4º Primaria4th Grade
10-11Year 6Primary 75 Класса5º Primaria5th Grade
11-12Year 71st Year6 Класса6º Primaria6th Grade
12-13Year 82nd Year7 Класса1º ESO7th Grade
13-14Year 93rd Year8 Класса2º ESO8th Grade
14-15Year 104th Year9 Класса3º ESO9th Grade
15-16Year 115th Year10 Класса4º ESO10th Grade
16-17College6th Year11 Класса1º Bachillerato11th Grade
17-18CollegeCollegeКолледж2º Bachillerato12th Grade
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A Level Results
94% Overall Pass Rate - August 2018