Jenine Stevens - Teaching Assistant

Favourite colour:


Favourite hobby:

Reading and walking

Favourite Book:

One Day, David Nicholls

Favourite food:


Favourite Subject:


Three countries still to visit:

The Maldives, France, Scotland


Jen Jen or Mum!

Jenine Stevens

One to one Support Worker

Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes, you are free.

Jim Morrison (Jenine’s favourite quote)

Jenine started working here seven years ago as a parent helper and loved it so much, that when an opportunity arose to work with one of our students on a one to one basis, she was delighted to become an official part of the Phoenix team.  She loves being amongst experienced and caring staff and feels that there is always something that can be learned from them.  She feels passionate about being with the children and sharing their learning journey and is especially proud of her one to one work with students with special educational needs.