Caryll Sayers - English

Favourite colour:


Favourite hobby:

Reading (surprise!) and walking

Favourite Book:

We Need to  Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver

Favourite food:


Favourite Subject:


Three countries still to visit:

India, Vietnam, Cambodia



Caryll Sayers

English Teacher

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Socrates. (Caryll’s favourite quote)

Caryll’s experience being part of the team that developed AQA’s A Level specifications and her three years working in Spanish school have really helped her to instill her passion for English in all the students she has taught.  An English teacher for fifteen years, Caryll loves broadening students’ horizons and being part of a small school where she knows all of the children really well.  She feels that her biggest achievement has been raising her own three children to adulthood to become well-rounded, tolerant and kind human beings.